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  • Take the coffee and run!

    The Western Railway Station was constructed by the world famous company of Gustave Eiffel in 1877 based on the plans of an Austrian architect, August de Serres. It has a real French, romantic atmosphere with a matching color theme to which the newly renovated café kiosk perfectly fits. Previously, it has been an empty space but now is called the Coffee Station, facing the 12-13th platform.

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  • Have a seat at our place!

    Simplicity, clear lines, exciting colours, fantastic light frames, specific geometrical forms and the design of the future – all of which in perfect balance and harmony at the members of this top category furniture family.

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  • Study visit to the Netherlands

    Travelling and seeing the world is useful and worth it, not only because you gather new experiences and explore unknown places but because you can utilize the acquired knowledge on home ground.

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