Design and Dolce Vita: The young designers have visited Italy

Design and Dolce Vita: The young designers have visited Italy

We travelled to Italy in the middle of February with Borbála Kész, architect student of Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Tamás Viszketh student of KREA, Contemporary Art School where the young talents were able to get an inside glimpse of the world of design and production.

The first station of the two-day professional trip was the Pedrali factory near Bergamot. The owner of the company known for its elegant and stylish chairs, Monica Pedrali greeted us, who answered to all of the students’ questions readily. The two designers got an insight of the die-casting technology of the plastic chairs so they could enrich their experiences not only on the field of design but production as well.   

The second day was spent in terms of natural materials. We met the producers of classical wooden chairs who showed us the whole procedure from the manufacturing to the automated production line. The Italian professionals showed us the drying technology of the raw wooden boards, the lathes of the wooden carvings, the comb-nuting, the marinating and varnishing plant, the technology of placing golden moldings and at last we finished the trip in an upholstering plant.

We spent an amazingly rich and useful two days in Italy. We do hope that the young talents have experienced a lot because these two days may be an interesting and important complementary of their latter works.

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