Have a seat at our place!

Have a seat at our place!

Simplicity, clear lines, exciting colours, fantastic light frames, specific geometrical forms and the design of the future – all of which in perfect balance and harmony at the members of this top category furniture family. This furniture family uses metal and plastic, both during the design and the construction, as easily and in a familiar way as the usual wood/drape combination.

The company was established by Mario Pedrali in 1963, who drew attention to himself – first on a national later on an international level – with his metal garden chairs. The Pedrali family is still the owner and manager of the company and their latest pieces can now be seen or chosen from a magazine. These pieces are in themselves, one-by-one, a unique masterpiece. In the Pedrali Magazine 2015, the latest pieces can be observed closely – the magazine has an online version as well. This magazine contains not only furniture but also other home décor solutions – apart from chairs, tables and other fittings, there are for example designer puffs, hangers (attention! cooler days are coming with the need for coats…). Moreover one can meet the designers of Pedrali whose way of thinking clearly represents the manifesto of the designer furniture company: it is possible to decorate and furnish a restaurant, office or hotel with inexpressive, simple furniture. Although life is too short to spend it in boredom and if there is a possibility, we should always seek a pleasant, inspiring environment while we can.

The Pedrali factory is there at the Expo Milano 2015 in a lot of places with its products. After the opening, the Pedrali made a small video featuring those designers with whom it had worked –

"What is the one traditional Italian dish, you could never get tired of eating?”

In the video the answers represent the tastes of the Italian designers: Jorge Pensi & Diego Slemenson, Patrick Jouin, Marc Sadler, Michele Cazzaniga, Simone Mandelli & Antonio Pagliarulo, Claudio Dondoli e Marco Pocci, Tito Toso, Manuela Busetti, Andrea Garuti & Matteo Redaelli.

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A little taste of the novelties in 2015


The furniture family consisting of modular sitting panels, designed by Patrick Jouin has won the main prize at the Muuuz International Awards 2015 competition in “FURNITURE” category.



The flag-hanger is a multifunctional piece that can fit into almost every kind of environment because of its pure simplicity and because there are plenty of possibilities hidden in it. It has 5 ‘arms’ that can be changed individually thus always ensuring the full functionality.



There are new constructions on the palette that are trying to reproduce the past. They produce many chairs made of oak and the special antique furniture is now available. Considering the metal tables and bar tables there are new treatments and coating and moreover, new plywood and laminated surfaces greet the new assortment.

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