Innovation and motivation

Times are changing – “be part of change or be left behind”. Coninvest Ltd. was established in 1992 in order to prove that investing for the sake of a better quality result is not gamble. It is compelling to be part of the constant interaction that is going on between the more and more conscious procurer needs and the innovative designer ideas during the course of design and construction. This is the dynamism that reinforces us day by day that from our commitment which knows no compromise everyone can only benefit. The “brick” is the most up-to-date cutting edge technology and the “mortar” is impeccable expertise. Building quality to let opportunities be born.

What we believe in

Design. Ergonomics. Awareness. We choose brands where these three aspects predominate when designing and with which the highest quality requirements come true. Would you choose the same? Watch it, enjoy the view and let it enchant you.

For the future of all of us

Coninvest is exceptionally committed to environmental protection. As a company we choose to work only with those distributor partners who abide by the provisions of environmental protection from the preparation to the packaging materials. At the same time, as the associates of Coninvest we treat the protection of our Planet’s resources as an accentuated element of the corporate culture. That is why the usage of environmental-friendly materials and selective waste collection was introduced from the first moment. Not only for the future of Coninvest, but for the future of all of us.

Company introduction and reference list

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