The New Inside Catalogue is out

The New Inside Catalogue is out

The catalogue can be downloaded from here »

The new magenta on the cover is awareness-raising, cool and daring. This catalogue is renewed compared to the previous ones. It does not show the reference works of the factories of our partners but our own projects. It shows how we, in Hungary are drawing near the foreign patterns and slowly we are going to be able to pride ourselves on the references of our sold products in the brochure. It can be noted that even in Hungary the investors are following the latest trends and lines of interior design.

We changed a number of products to the latest pieces presented on the fashion week in Milan so as to refresh our range of products. We tried to form the structure of the catalogue so as to show our clients as many styles in as many different categories and price range as possible. Chairs, arm-chairs, easy-chairs, tables, lamps, sofas and numerous different accessories are presented in the repertoire.

Finally, as a novelty, on the last pages of the catalogue we subject the complete image of a restaurant prepared by us. In this project our new work line, graphic design, was represented which is a completely new area in the life of Coninvest.

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