Interior design plans

    After surveying the needs of the client, with the help of our experts we make a suggestion on compositions, colors and furniture. We complete the conception with the professional assistance and in the forms of conception plans we present one or even more alternative arrangement-sketches on which, in case of necessity, we picture the desired, anticipatory affect with product-collages or reference materials. 


    Making a design

    We make a 3D design of the places needed to be developed or altered with which we can realistically picture the effect of the chosen furniture, products, accessories, colors and materials. Human imagination is almost limitless. We will realize the dreamt up place let it be any kind of a guest space, restaurant, café’, nightclub, hotel room or reception.


    Graphic and image design

    The clientele of a business is defined by the style and first impression of the place. We help you to find the most adequate image, graphic and online elements in order for you to reach your target audience in the most efficient way. We design the image and graphic elements of your needs with the same expertise and punctuality as we do the interior itself.



    Our password is professionalism! The Coninvest team is eager to bear the load off your shoulder. That is why we got under control the authorization processes, the electrical and mechanical plans and schemes needed for construction from the beginning. According to the demand of the client we provide constant or periodical professional supervision on the place of the construction which service comprises the on-site control, governance and organization. The presence of our professionally prepared and experienced colleagues guarantees not only the precise work but the high quality as well.


    Project transaction

    From the first conceptions through the design to the delivery and installation of the products, even undertaking the task of the overseeing, we hand our procurers a turnkey place. We take every step of the investment on ourselves according to your needs and provide premium quality work. 


    Download Catalogue

    Download our furniture catalogues and select to your heart’s content. Explore the world of modern furnishing and ask for our personalized bid!

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