Take the coffee and run!

Take the coffee and run!

The Western Railway Station was constructed by the world famous company of Gustave Eiffel in 1877 based on the plans of an Austrian architect, August de Serres. It has a real French, romantic atmosphere with a matching color theme to which the newly renovated café kiosk perfectly fits. Previously, it has been an empty space but now is called the Coffee Station, facing the 12-13th platform.

The café is situated at the inside of the station’s façade. It received a mint green colour with a metro pink tile counter that gives it a fresh, playful effect. Basically, if compared with the nowadays trendy “take away” cafés, it outperforms them greatly considering both its design and the quality of the food as well – if you think of the usual supply of coffee, sandwiches or muffins.

Coninvest Ltd. has been entrusted with the complete design and turnkey construction of the kiosk with an extremely short deadline (containing an unexpected two-week closure of the entire railway station during the summer) that had to comprise all the paperwork and everything for the approvals as well.

The counter, the components, the marketing boards and machines of the small café had to be placed and operating until a given time. It has been a real challenge to connect the small café island with the sewage system of the railway station in order to have water. Otherwise, the Coffee Station offers its guests the food and the drink in cups, plates and bags made of paper, since its main concept is that the traveler wants to have a nice coffee, pastry or sandwich at arrival or before departure and one thing he surely does not have: time.

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